Organization tips to help your spring cleaning and organization go a little smoother!

Spring Has Sprung and now its time to clean and dust all of the winter woes away.  Below are a few organization tips to help your spring cleaning and organization go a little smoother!

  1. Develop a schedule of daily projects in your home that you would like to get clean. Give yourself enough time to complete each project or at least make a significant difference.
  2. Make sure you use the correct cleaning tools for the task. Your tools should help you get the job done thoroughly and efficiently. Carry all cleaning tools with you in a bucket to each room. This prevents a lot of running back and forth from room to room. Use dust or glass wipes to get through the process quicker.
  3. Purge and feel good about getting rid of clutter. Don’t hold on to things that you don’t need for fear of throwing something away. Clutter is the culprit for an unclean home and thus a messy life.  If you don’t love it, and you don’t use it, it’s clutter.
  4. Donate or Sell the Things You Don’t Use.If you have items that you don’t use, but are in good condition, they are prime candidates to sell or donate. Gather all of these items together in boxes or plastic bags. Then, decide whether you would prefer to donate them or sell them.
  5. Assign Tasks To The Kids. Kids need to know how to clean because they sure know how to mess up! Make your kids help you clean and organize the house.  Not only does this give them some responsibility, it helps them appreciate cleanliness and it may take longer next time for them to dirty the house up.  Reward them with a treat or a few bucks.
  6. Eliminate Distractions. Turn off the TV while you’re cleaning and organizing and avoid answering your cell phone or returning texts. If you need to, remove all pets that interfere with the cleaning process. Turn on some relaxing or upbeat music.

Remember, wear rubber gloves to prevent drying out your hands and exposing them to harsh chemicals.