Could Your Root Canal Be The Root Cause Of Your Health Problems?

For hundreds of years, root canals have been the treatment dentists have used to treat infected teeth. This treatment was and still is the alternative to tooth extraction. But research shows that when a root canal is performed and the decay is removed, the canal is left exposed to bacteria. This build up of disease- producing bacteria can become toxic and be a breeding ground for future health complications.

A root canal procedure involves drilling into the tooth so that the nerve and dental decay can be removed.The blood supply from the body to the tooth is severed, lymph vessels are removed and the inside contents are cleansed with a chemical solution. A filling seals the empty space and the tooth remains intact. However, once the canal is sealed and the blood supply is removed from the tooth, an oxygen free environment is created and anaerobic bacteria left behind during the treatment not only survive but may thrive!

These flourishing bacteria are termed “inflammophilic” because of their liking to inflammation. Endotoxins leach into surrounding tissue and can migrate into any areas of the body such as the breast, lungs or . Coupled with havoc wreaking bacteria found in root canals that secrete macrophages, endotoxins degrade collagen and increase vascular permeability that leads to disease.

Radiographic images of well treated root canals show that bacteria can reside and persists from long periods while the patient remains asymptomatic or without pain; due to the absence of nerves.
There is a relationship between oral health and the pathology of chronic diseases including diabetes, cancer, heart and kidney disease. It’s also been linked to migraines, impotence and even lupus.

If you or someone you love suffer from any of these diseases, ask your dentist to perform a cone X-ray for 3D images of your teeth and gums. You may discover that your root of your problem lies with your previous root canal.

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