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Lavender Mobile Spa is the premiere mobile spa service catering to Detroit, MI and Dallas, TX residents. Our professional, qualified staff will provide you with spa services that will have you feeling like you've been away to a spa resort but happy you're here to party with your friends and family!

Here at Lavender, we believe that good food, good laughs and a great massage breeds happiness, and that is what our clients experience at our spa parties. With over 20 years experience in the spa and beauty industry, we know our business, and we are excited to bring it to your private venue. So if you are ready to indulge in sheer blissstart planning your home spa party today!

All our staff Are licensed and insured and have a passion for improving the well being for our customers.

Our Differentiator

Lavender Mobile Spa has a 3 prong customer base comprised of Corporate, Residential and Hospitality and is able to handle multiple events simultaneously. We also have a very large staff that spans across two states. Lavender incorporates very high personnel and sanitation standards so that our clients experience the best we have to offer. In addition, we have longevity in the market. We have been in existence nearly 8 years

Our History

In 2010, our CEO, Tracey Sanders realized that there was a market for individuals who wanted personal care services but didn't want to visit a day spa. Currently working in the beauty industry, she acted on the need for in home spa services and created Lavender Mobile Spa. Initially, the idea was to cater to women who wanted to celebrate a special occasion while pampering themselves with spa services but shortly after opening, corporations began requesting services for their staff and hotels began requesting services for their guests. Lavenders staff grew exponentially and its brand expanded to Dallas, TX. With a number one ranking on Google, it is seen as the "go to" for in-home, hotel or corporate wellness services and is the only day spa in the metro area that can handle the capacity of multiple events occurring in multiple locations simultaneously. Tracey's vision has recently expanded into beauty and body products and the line will launch this summer! Lavender will soon be expanding to an additional mobile operation in mid 2019. Stay tuned!!!

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