5 Reasons To Keep Your Makeup Brushes Clean

1)      Bacteria and Dirt Buildup

Even though we may not think about this much, our makeup brushes and sponges are often coming in contact with a lot of bacteria. We like to think that our brushes only touch our clean faces, so they can’t be that dirty, right? Wrong. Think about all the times you may lay your brushes on the counter, accidentally drop them somewhere or simply leave them out of your makeup bag all night because you were rushing. All of these things can cause your brushes to come in contact with all kinds of bacteria and dirt which can possibly lead to some serious sicknesses such as Staph infection or Pink eye.


2)      Acne

Even though we clean our faces before applying makeup, there are still natural oils in your skin and sometimes, if we don’t clean thoroughly, still dirt or dead skin cells on our faces as well. None of us are perfect. We all have those rushed days where we may just quickly apply some foundation or fill in our brows without a thorough wash. But your brushes will pick that up and eventually will build up. This can cause acne after usage by clogging your pores.


3)      Damaged Brushes

Not cleaning your brushes on a regular basis can lead to the bristles on the brush to weaken and fibers to break. This can make applying your makeup much harder. With damaged brushes and old makeup also still on the brush, applying color and foundation can take longer and sometimes not give you the blended and smooth look that you may want. Cleaning your brushes will make them last longer and stay strong which will save you money in the long run!


4)      Wrinkles

Constantly using dirty makeup brushes can eventually lead to premature wrinkles. The bacteria from your brushes can actually stress your skin out. What happens is the collagen and elastin in your skin will being to break down faster than it would if you weren’t coming in contact with that bacteria. You possibly could be causing yourself to wrinkle at a much younger age.


5)      Skin Irritation

Especially if you have sensitive skin, hardened and damaged brushes can lead to redness and irritation in your skin. The longer you keep your brushes packed with makeup, they’ll begin to dry out and lose their softness. The redness from the brushes can end up defeating the purpose of you putting your makeup on in the first place.


If you don’t know how to clean your brushes, we at Lavender recommend rinsing your brushes in lukewarm water, using a drop of makeup cleanser or dish soap and massaging the brush bristles with your hands. Finally, rinse off the brushes and dry them with a clean towel.